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Army Painter Wet Palette Short-form Review

We recently tested out the Army Painter Wet Palette while Rich was doing a commission for a French Revolutionary War Napoleonic Battalion, here’s what he thought:


  • 2 hydro foam pads
  • 3 part paint palette
  • 50 hydro sheets
  • Small painting guide
  • Tool catalogue
  • Safety strap


Wet Palette’s take a bit of getting used to (there are loads of tip videos on YouTube for people that have not used one before). Rich found that the paint, when applied to the palette, was good to use after 3 days which is ideal in the summer weather and when you have to go back to a colour. It is also designed so that you can take it with you so if you’re a ‘painter on the go’ you can easily transport it, the palette also contains space for a few brushes and tools which is a bonus.

Value for Money:

Langden Games Price – £16.20 (RRP £18.00), refills £7.20 (RRP £8.00), it’s a good kit for the cost, and being able to buy separate refills will mean you’re able to get years of use from it.

The Verdict:

Highly recommend, this gets a Richard seal of approval.

How to Buy:

Link to Wet Palette –

Link to Refill Sheets –

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