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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Birthday in Interesting Times…

‘May you live in interesting times…’, I now fully understand why this is seen as a curse! I know that I, for one, would like the much simpler times where global pandemics were movie plots and social distancing was an unused phrase, but as you all know 2020 had other ideas!

I’ve brought my annual ramble forward a bit this year, normally it’s done at the beginning of September, but I wanted to remind you that we have a store Birthday coming up, speaking of which…

Store Birthday – 15th & 16th of August

The weekend sees the store become another year older! To celebrate this (and to help me with the end of year stock take) we’re having a store wide sale!

Everything in store will be reduced! Yes, everything!

Below is a list of all the reductions that are planned so far, if it’s not on the list we’ll most likely be knocking 10% off the store price.

List of Confirmed Discounts:

  • 40K Codexes, Psychic Awakening, and Datacards – 50% off RRP
  • Gangs of Rome – 50% off RRP
  • Blood Red Skies – 20% off
  • Cruel Seas – 20% off
  • 40K, AoS and related games – 15% off (9th Edition Items and new releases will be 10% off)
  • Bolt Action – 15% off
  • D&D – 10% off
  • Graphic Novels – 20% off
  • Board Games – 15% off
  • MTG Booster Boxes – £95 (not Masters, Mystery, or Horizons)
  • MTG Bundles – £5 off
  • MTG Booster Packs – 50p off
  • MTG Modern Horizons Booster Packs – £5 per pack
  • MTG Modern Horizons Booster Box – £175

Thanks to Covid-19 we won’t be having cake, but we are going to be having a giveaway! If you spend £50 in store over the weekend, you’ll be entered into the giveaway for a £100 GW voucher or a box of MTG Mystery Boosters. If you spend over £100 then you’ll get 3 entries!

In addition, we’ll have other in-store events with a variety of prizes and giveaways!

Admittedly, it feels odd to be asking people to come into the store during a pandemic! However, we’re comfortable with the precautions that we’ve taken, and believe that we’re providing a safe environment for you to visit, as such please come in and see us 😊

Support Your Local Games Store – A Thank You From Us!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the store this year and especially those that have made purchases during lockdown. I confess the pandemic has led to some sleepless nights with me wondering if we’d survive, we’re a small store with limited resources so being closed for a protracted period was a real worry!

We are nowhere near being out of the woods yet, the pandemic still rages on and with social distancing in place it’s not viable to game in store so there are still lots of challenges ahead!

That being said, with continued levels of support form the community we’re confident that we’ll be ok.

The key message I am trying to get to here is simply this – please support your local games store, without you we do not exist.

We may not be the cheapest as we cannot compete with large stores or online only shops, and we may not have what you want straight away (we’ve only got limited space) but we’ll do our best to meet your needs and once we’re able to we’ll provide a friendly environment for you to game in again.

Looking Back…

Having reread last year’s ramble, I’m really pleased with all the progress we’ve made; I’d like to have made more but then I’m never really satisfied (it’s my curse).

Since last year we’ve got a greater range of stock, we’ve held more events with clear prize support (we miss events!) and we’ve even fixed the toilet, these are all real positives!

Looking Forward…

As I said at the start of this ramble we’re currently living in interesting times, the news this morning said we’re officially in the largest recession on record, Covid-19 rages on and at the end of the year we have the total mess known as Brexit to ‘look forward to’ – Yay?

Times have never been tougher for retail. But even against that bleak backdrop we want to push forward and continue to improve. I’ve said before that I want a bigger shop and my sights are firmly fixed on that goal, we’ve outgrown our current space and the lack of shop front means that the majority of people still don’t know we exist – both are not ideal.

The thought of taking on a new premises is daunting at the best of times, but in the current climate it’s actually akin to a nightmare. The key thing we’ll need is money in the bank so any support you can give us by making purchases is greatly appreciated!

What You Think Matters to Us!

If you think we’re doing a good job, please tell others and leave us a Facebook and Google review! If you don’t like what we’re doing, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to be better.

We’re constantly trying to improve, and your feedback will help us do that.

You can get in touch via Facebook or email ( or you can chat to us in person.

And Finally…

Thank you again, hope to see you at our birthday weekend and in store throughout the coming year, may your dice roll well and your topdecks be what’s needed.

Much love


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