Buying & Selling 2nd Hand Models

All gamers get to the stage where they have a models they no longer need, selling them is an option but it takes time, that’s where we come in!

We offer two options for you figures you want to sell – cash or store credit.

Store Credit

We’ll sell your old models via trade sites and/or eBay. We take a 20% commission on the full sale price. Once selling fees have been taken into account we’ll then let you know the amount of store credit you have.

If you’d like store credit in advance of the items selling we can look at that. As a guide if its new and unopened the offer will be in the region of 50% of full retail price. Other items the amount offered will be based on condition and our ability to resell them – this will always be done on a model by model basis.


On occasion we also buy models for cash. Send us an email to and we can arrange an appointment for you to come in. We’ll value your collection and make you an offer.