Dark Knight Rises – Batman Miniature Game 2 Player Starter

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BATMAN – Dark-knight Rises Game box includes:

x1 Batman (Dark Knight Rises)
x1 Batman Motorbike driver
x1 Catwoman (Dark Knight Rises)
x 1 Catwoman Motorbike Driver
x1 Batpod
x1 Tumbler
x1 Policeman with spray
x1 Policeman with gun
x1 Policeman with club
x1 Bane with coat (Dark Knight Rises)
x1 Talia Al Ghul (Dark Knight Rises)
x1 Mercenary with rifle
x1 Mercenary with gun
x1 Mercenary with Axe
x1 “Fast Play Rules” rulebook
x 6 Dice
2 x cardboard buildings, markers, etc.


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