Kill Team: Death Korps of Krieg Dice Set

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Release Date: 28 August 2021

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1 review for Kill Team: Death Korps of Krieg Dice Set

  1. Spets (verified owner)

    I love dice sets and am a bit of a sucker for them!

    Compared to the Middle Earth Dice sets, I don’t think these are as good quality. One light game of Kill Team and was surprised at the amount of light scuffing / scratches on them.

    Add the fact you don’t get the little plastic protective and ornate storage cube case (again, like you do with the Middle Earth ones) and the fact they come as a (more expensive) 20 pack which is probably overkill for Kill Team games ( I was only ever rolling 4 at a time) and I don’t think these can be rated as well as some of the other dice offerings out there.

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