Astra Militarum: Leman Russ Demolisher

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3 reviews for Astra Militarum: Leman Russ Demolisher

  1. mathiusbell2626 (verified owner)

    A great kit with good options. Lots of easily swapped parts. However I cust it to bits and made Mek gunz and a battle wagon for my orks so take my option with a pinch of salt!!
    Did the job for the orks though!

  2. jamespalmer23 (verified owner)

    Great kit, and easier to magnetise all the weapon options on this variant compared to the vanilla battle tank kit.

  3. Jpal (verified owner)

    Leman Russ Battle Tanks featured in a recent balance data slate, getting a better armour save value and a points decrease shortly after in the 2022 Mission Pack.

    As a result, you’re probably going to want more of these in your list – the demolisher variant is still particularly potent at the time of writing.

    The one in the start collecting box is only the standard battle tank kit with completely different weapon options. I think the choices in this kit are superior.

    The kit includes options for the tank commander too, most competitive guard armies feature a few of these in the current meta.

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