Datacards: Necrons (9th Edition)

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Release Date: 10th October 2020

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Datacards make referencing your rules in battle easy. Containing quick-reference Stratagems, C’tan Powers, and Necron Command Protocols, they’ll allow you to dictate the battle with the skill and acuity of the most practiced Phaeron – or, at the very least, ensure you don’t forget to use that Transdimensional Thunderbolt when you need it most!

This pack contains 62 datacards, divided as followed:
– 7x core Stratagem cards
– 40x Necron Stratagem cards
– 9x C’tan Power cards
– 6x Command Protocol cards

1 review for Datacards: Necrons (9th Edition)

  1. Anthony Archer (verified owner)

    These cards are summaries and quick access cards for the Necron stratagems, Command Protocols and C’tan powers.
    They are all in detail in your codex and these cards do not provide anything new.
    However, if you are playing a game these will save you a lot of page flicking. You can set your order of Protocols in advance and then just use the card instead of looking for p81 again and again. The strategem cards are also useful for the same reason, personally I like having my most commonly used ones near the top of a pile for quick access and ones for units I don’t have, at the bottom.

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