Weagle Bowl 2018

The 3rd Annual Weagle Bowl.
Following the success of the last 2 Weagle Bowl’s we’re back to do it again, and this time the Stunty’s are coming!
Saturday 22rd September 2018
The 36th Ipswich Scout Hall
220 Hawthorn Drive
There is very limited onsite parking this will be reserved for event staff; there is parking over the road from the venue at the Chantry Library
£15 for NAF members
Tea and coffee will be available on the day (just hold you cup aloft and Matt will come running!) but lunch is not provided so please bring your own. There are also local shops and takeaways within a 2 minute walk.
9.00am Arrival & Registration
9.15am Game 1
11.15am Break
11.30am Game 2
1.30pm Lunch & Team Photos
2.30pm Game 3
4.30pm Break
4.45pm Game 4
6.45pm Awards Presentation
7.15pm Event Close
The event will be played using the current Blood Bowl Rules.
A great source if you’re not sure can be found here https://www.thenaf.net/blood-bowl/rules/
All NAF approved teams may be used in this event.
All teams will have 1,100,000gp to purchase their team as per the rule-books and the teams of legend PDF.
Star players may be selected if you already have 11 rostered players. If, however, both you and an opponent are using the same star player, neither team may use them (as they have been double booked and can’t play for both teams).
Wizards and special play cards may not be used but all other inducements may be selected (Bribes, Halfling Master Chef, etc.)
Skills will be given as follows:
  • Before Game 2 you may give a normal skill to a single chosen rostered player.
  • Before Game 3 you may give a normal skill to a single chosen rostered player.
  • Before Game 4 you may give a normal skill to a single chosen rostered player.
  • You may wait to choose your skill until after you find who you are facing in the next game.
  • Rostered players may only ever receive a single skill.
  • Stat increases may not be awarded.
 Weagle Bowl 2018 is a ‘resurrection style’ tournament so all injuries are forgotten after each match (however we do like to know how many players have been killed, so please do let us know!). Raise The Dead spells for Undead and Necromantic will only give you the free zombie for that game.
If you have any problems on the day please speak to a member of the event staff that will be able to assist you.
  • 7 points for a win
  • 3 points for a draw
  • 0 points for a loss
  • 1 point per casualty caused (max 3 points)
  • 1 point per touchdown scored (max 3 points)
  • Blocking, fouling and crowd push casualties will count towards your casualty score. Failed dodges, GFI’s or kick-off result injuries will not count.
There will be trophies for taking part including, but not limited to:
  • Overall Winner
  • Runner Up
  • Best Painted Team
  • Most Casualties
  • Most Touchdowns
  • The Wooden Spoon
  • Stunty Cup (New this year).
Painted teams only please! (Don’t forget there’s a prize for best painted, we’ll also be doing team photos during lunch).
Please also bring your own board, dice, templates, etc. (i.e. everything you should need to play). We have some spares in case of emergency but please bring your own.
For other info, please email the Weagles Team at whiteeagleswargames@gmail.com or visit their Facebook Page
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