Meet The Team

Here’s the team behind Langden Games!

Richard Langford

Richard with Bumblebee at Ipswich Comic Con April 2018

Richard started modelling in 1977 (hard to believe we know, he’s aged well) and progressed into wargaming in the mid 80’s while at school.

He met Matt in the year 2000 at a local wargames club thanks to a game of 40K (one of the few he’s won against him, thanks mainly to a Chaos Dreadnought tripping over and getting tangled in razor wire…)

Richard went on to be one of the founding members of SWARMM Wargames which ran from 2002 to 2006. He was also an active member of IPMS from 2007 to 2010 and during that time was awarded modeller of the year in 2009 and model of the year in 2010 with a 1:35 Normandy Surrender Diorama.

Thanks to that success, he worked for Airfix Scale Model World Magazine from 2011 to 2015, and during this time produced a number of articles of how to build and paint a range of kits including a 1:35 Tiger 131 as captured in Tunisia, and a 1:76 King Tiger Pre-Release kit (we’re going to get him to dust off his article writing skills for the Langden site, watch this space)

He’s also been a commission painter since 2010 and has produced numerous high-quality models for customers since then – including the regularly used Gotham Docks board (if you’ve been to one of our BMG events you may have even had the joy of playing on it…)

Richard co-founded Langden Games in 2017 (with Matt) as he, like most model makers, had always wanted to be involved in a model shop – and didn’t want to have to travel to Norwich to get a bottle of Vallejo paint!

Richard’s role at Langden Games is our in-house expert on modelling (especially WWII) and he also paints the vast majority of our models for the cabinets, demo games, and terrain (Matt does help, he’s just no where near as quick!)

Other than the shop Richard enjoys motorbiking and WWII re-enactment.

If you want to get in touch with Richard email

Matt Holden

Matt at Ipswich Comic Con April 2018 – Obligatory thumbs up photo is obligatory.

Matt was introduced to model making originally through Airfix kits, but was really bitten by the gaming bug in 1990 by playing Heroquest (it’s an awesome game!) Having painted the contents of the box (see I do paint! – Matt) he was introduced to the world of Warhammer in 1993 via a free space marine sergeant on the front of White Dwarf issue 166 around the time when Warhammer 40,000 (40K) 2nd edition was released.

Matt was a regular at the Ipswich Games Workshop (GW) store for many years and in April 2000 was made a Key Time Staff Member (to paraphrase “you’re hear most weekends we may as well pay you for it…” – Matt). Matt’s main role while at GW was to run the intro sessions on a Sunday and over the 5 years he was there he taught numerous people how to play 40K, Wathammer Fantasy Battle, and Lord of the Rings (LoTR). Matt also supported the GW Trade team by running events at independent stockists.

While at GW, Matt met Richard and since then the two of them have had numerous games over the years – they’ve both lost count of the number of LoTR and Confrontation games they’ve played!

Like Richard, Matt was also a founding member of SWARMM Wargames and has been involved with running clubs on and off since 2002, he’s now stepped away from that to focus on the store.

One of Matt’s main traits is his unnatural ability to roll dice – so much so that’s it became a running joke in the local clubs Blood Bowl Leagues that if he needs a 2+ with a re-roll then it’ll go wrong but if it needs multiple rolls of 5 or 6 then its guaranteed to work (this has led to some memorable plays!).

Matt’s main 40K army is his Imperial Guard (they’ll always be Guard, not Astra Millawhatnow…- Matt) and they developed a reputation of causing death by laser pointer only suffering a handful of losses from 4th to 7th editions.

Nowadays Matt is more focused on Skirmish Games (it gives him a chance of getting a fully painted force!) and he can be mainly found using his ‘much loved’ Poison Ivy Crew (by Matt, not by anyone else! – Rich) for the Batman Miniature Game.

Matt’s role at Langden Games is to look after the background elements of the business such as stock ordering and the website – it’s a glamourous life!

If you want to get in touch with Matt email