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Daphne’s Guide To Blood Bowl Leagues…

Daphne Dukes, Roving Reporter!

Hello sports fans! It’s me Daphne Dukes, roving reporter! The Daily Planet has Lois Lane, the Gotham Gazette has Vicky Vale, and Langden Games has me…

In a break from bringing the play by play from the current Langden Games Blood Bowl League (LGBBL) I’m going to look at tips for new coaches for League play! If you fancy taking place in Season 3 of the LGBBL this article is for you!

Team Choice

This one is up to you to be honest; each team has their own strengths and weaknesses, but they can be grouped into broad categories – Bashy, Flashy and Stunty, and All Rounders.

Bashy Teams – they hit hard, really hard. But they that’s usually the limit of their skills set (Chaos Chosen, Khorne, Black Orcs)

Flashy Teams – they’ll make some amazing plays, but of they take a hit they’ll crumple (Examples – Wood Elves, Elven Union, Amazon)

Stunty Teams – these guys shouldn’t be playing Blood Bowl, however what they lack in physical ability they make up for in other ways, mainly ‘cheating’! Snotlings and Goblins will bring a selection of illegal weapons, whereas the Halflings will cook nice pies, and steel your re-rolls! (Examples – Snotlings, Goblins, Halflings)

All Rounders – A nice selection of skills, decent armour, but no real specialism (Humans, and at a push Orcs).

The life of a Goblin Coach, hoping that your teams lasts the game!

There are loads of resources that will tell you the ‘best’ teams and the ‘optimum’ playstyle, but just go for what you like and have fun! Leagues are an investment of time so pick something you’re going to enjoy!

Team Composition


Fans are key! Let me repeat this. Fans. Are. Key. In league play they will determine how much money you get from each game, so try to get as many as possible when building your team. If you can get 6 get 6! If you find yourself with only a single fan rebuild your team!


The importance of rerolls differs depending on the team. However as rerolls cost double once a league starts if you’re going to buy them the start of the league is the time to do it.


A league is a marathon not a sprint, build accordingly. Your week 1 team will not be perfect, build a solid team with an appropriate number of rerolls and fans. Then plan how to expand your team.

If you are trying to squeeze players in and are sacrificing fans and rerolls this is not a good choice. Skaven teams for example do not need a Rat Ogre in week 1, take the essential positional players and then fill up on Linemen, additional positionals can then by recruited later.

Support Staff

If you have one available buy an apothecary in week 2. The rest are up to personal taste.

Skills – Chosen vs Random

Skills can make or break a team. In this reporter’s option chosen skills are the way to go, you should also plan your players progression.

However, if you are playing a team where you ‘don’t care’ about your players (ie Snotlings, Goblins, Halflings) then random skills are ok. The only issue with either skill type is that they will increase your team value so bear this in mind!

Some teams (mainly Snotlings, Goblins, Halflings) want to keep their Value as low as possible to get those ever-important inducements.

The Braz-Elven Union line up against the Bloody Fists! Of Fate, this may hurt….


If you’re going to play in a league, get some practice in! Learn how your team plays, this experience will be essential when you start playing. Also try to play against as many teams as possible. Each team plays in a different way, so practice is the best way to avoid surprises.

Also, don’t rely on borrowed knowledge, as I’ve said there are lots of resources with suggested setups, but these are generic and against certain teams they will put you at a disadvantage so try some things and develop your own tactics!

Final Thoughts

Blood Bowl is a great game that doesn’t take an age to play, taking part in a league with the correct attitude can be a really rewarding experience!

If you’re looking to join a League the next LGBBL is due to start in September 2023. In the interim join their Blood Bowl Group for all the updates and to arrange some practice games in readiness!

Daphne Dukes is Langden Games roving reporter and pitchside commentator! The Daily Planet has Lois Lane, the Gotham Gazette has Vicky Vale, and Langden Games has Daph…

Daphne can normally be found commentating on the shops Blood Bowl League, but she also writes the odd article!

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