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Lockdown 3 – Revenge of the Virus

Welcome to 2021, it’s just like 2020 but with a more infectious version of Covid and America trying even harder to become a failed state!

On Monday evening the UK Government announced a third national lockdown, not how we wanted to start the new year but if it finally gets Covid under control then I’m all for it!

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The ‘Good Riddance to 2020’ Ramble…

You’re probably (hopefully) familiar with a Matt ramble by now – basically I dump all the thoughts in my brain onto our website and hope they make sense and that people actually read them…

2020… well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said! (or that doesn’t involve screaming and lots of swearing).

Looking Back…

In short 2020 was a train wreck, although that’s probably insulting to trains if I’m honest (this line, or at least the inspiration for it, comes from “Death to 2020”, it’s on Netflix, go watch it!)

The (what felt at times as a never ending) year started well with us dreaming on new premises and planning multiple events each week. That all quickly fell apart as Covid took hold and what was meant to be a great year soon became sleepless nights wondering if we would have a store at the end of it. Personally, I feel like I’ve aged a good few years and have gained a number of new grey hairs!

Being adaptable has definitely been the key to surviving 2020! We’ve overhauled the website and have the majority of stock on there, we’ve canned the play space and converted it into useful sales space – it’s odd just being a shop but needs must in this most challenging of years. Once things settle (roll on Summer/Autumn 2021) we hope to bring back in store gaming and go back to how things used to be pre Covid.

2020 has caused casualties, we’ve seen local games store close their doors for good which is never easy as the community that they served is then left in a void. If I’m honest I think a combination of factors has stopped us from avoiding the same thing, namely the website, a cash reserve (we’d hoped to move), low outgoings, and a strong customer base. Without these things I wouldn’t want to be taking bets as to if we would still be here.  

Despite how rubbish 2020 has been though it’s not all bee doom and gloom (honest!). We’ve seen a number of new customers find us for the first time, we’ve increased our stock levels, we’ve got a shiny new till, and we even manged the best month we’ve ever had (August 2020) which still feels quite surreal against the backdrop of the pandemic.

It’s definitely been a mixed bag of a year!

Looking Forward…

Do I think that everything will be magically ok on 1st January 2021? No, that would be madness, we’re in Tier 4 and will probably be like that until Easter…

Don’t worry though we’ll still be providing Click & Collect, Local Delivery and Mail Order services, if you need hobby supplies, we’ll find a way of getting them to you.

If I was a betting man, I think things will get worse before they get better (insert Batman quote about nights being darkest before the dawn…). We’re effectively in lockdown and with new strains of Covid popping up and people blatantly ignoring the guidelines we’re in for a rough time (we also don’t know what impact Brexit ‘deal’ will have, but that’s a whole other mess).

But, even with all this there is hope. Multiple vaccines have been developed and as soon as a mass rollout can be facilitated, we should see normally beginning to return, although what the world will look like at that point is anyone’s guess!

Our aim in the short term is a really simple one – SURVIVE.

Once Covid is behind us we can then start looking forward properly, one day we’ll get that shop front! One day!!


All I have left to say really is thank you!

Thank you to all our customers

Thank you to all those that have written an article for our website

Thank you to all those that have helped out

Thank you to all those that have sent a supportive message

Thank you to all that have recommended us to others

Thank you to all those that took part in events (we miss events!)

I’ve said it multiple times before but the store is only as good as its customer base, and you guys are simply the best!

With that for the last time in 2020 it’s time to sign off

Stay Safe
Look After Each Other
Wear a Mask
We Love You!

M x

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Lockdown 2 – Electric Boogaloo: The Langden Games Update!

It’s November 3rd and barring a massive revolt in the Commons, we’ll be back in lockdown again from Thursday! Fun!!

The one (and only) positive about Lockdown 2 – Back in the Habit, is that it’s the second one! Strange as it sounds, we’ve been through this before, so we have experience of how to operate. As a result the shop may be closed but we can still meet your hobby needs.

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Set Boosters – My Thoughts….

Now that I’ve actually opened some Zendikar Rising product, I wanted to give my thoughts on the newest type of Booster, the Set Booster!

What is a Set Booster?

In short it’s a new type of product that lets WOTC have a bit more freedom, in a draft booster there is a need for there to be set amounts of Commons and Uncommons and a good colour spread, the same is not true of a set booster!

They have 12 cards (14 with the token and art card included) in a booster and come in boxes of 30 rather than 36, they are also slightly more expensive than draft boosters, all seeming like negatives so far, but don’t worry there are positives!

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Langden Games September 2020 Painting Competition

Here are the results of our September 2020 painting competition. We had hoped to run monthly events however Covid-19 has really got in the way of that, however we did manage to get an event successfully run in September!

Standards in this single model competition have been very high and judging was made incredibly difficult by these fabulous models.

Any of these models could have easily been crowned the winner as each was beautifully done.

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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Birthday in Interesting Times…

‘May you live in interesting times…’, I now fully understand why this is seen as a curse! I know that I, for one, would like the much simpler times where global pandemics were movie plots and social distancing was an unused phrase, but as you all know 2020 had other ideas!

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Army Painter Wet Palette Short-form Review

We recently tested out the Army Painter Wet Palette while Rich was doing a commission for a French Revolutionary War Napoleonic Battalion, here’s what he thought:


  • 2 hydro foam pads
  • 3 part paint palette
  • 50 hydro sheets
  • Small painting guide
  • Tool catalogue
  • Safety strap
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The Road to Reopening

The government recently announced that non-essential retail can reopen from 15th June 2020 (yay!), so that raises the question “when will the store reopen?”.

The answer is not the 15th, our plan is to reopen with reduced hours from Saturday 20th June.

Below is a list of questions about our plans around reopening:

What will the store hours be?

We plan to initially open on Saturdays and Sundays only from 10am to 4pm starting from 20th June, we’ll review this on a regular basis starting from July.

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Model of the Month, Model of the Year, and Modeller of the Year

What is Model of the Month (MotM)?

MotM is Langden Games monthly model painting competition, to enter you need to bring in your model by 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month, it’ll then be voted on by visitors to the shop. The winner is whoever gets the most votes. That person will get a Model of the Month certificate and will be in with a chance of winning Model of the Year!

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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Round up of 2018-19 and looking forward to 2019-20

The keen eyed among you will be wondering why I’m publishing this in October, well, it’s due to us recently having started our new financial year (our year runs 1st September to 31st August). Anyway, on to more interesting things!

Looking Back…

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been a customer of the store over the last year, thanks to your support we continue to grow and develop.

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Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

Recently a few members of the community were talking about doing a ‘Tale of Gamers’, and we loved the idea so decided to get involved (it also means I may end up with a full painted army! – Matt).

For those that don’t know a Tale of Gamers is where a group get together and all build and paint a new army over a few months – that’s exactly what we plan to do!

Our Tale of Gamers will commence on October 1st 2018 and will run for 6 months. Continue reading Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’