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The Road to Reopening

The government recently announced that non-essential retail can reopen from 15th June 2020 (yay!), so that raises the question “when will the store reopen?”.

The answer is not the 15th, our plan is to reopen with reduced hours from Saturday 20th June.

Below is a list of questions about our plans around reopening:

What will the store hours be?

We plan to initially open on Saturdays and Sundays only from 10am to 4pm starting from 20th June, we’ll review this on a regular basis starting from July.

Will it be business as usual?

No, there will be a number of changes to ensure that we comply with all guidelines and ensure that you have a safe visit, the proposed changes are:

  • Social Distancing – we’ve marked out 2m sections on the floor to assist people to keep apart
  • Maximum Occupancy – the store will have an occupancy limit, this will be based on social distancing
  • One Way System – we’ve added a one way system, it’s marked on the floor as you come in
  • Cashless – if humanly possible we’re keen to avoid cash and would appreciate it if sales purchases can be done via card or contactless
  • Enhanced Cleaning – we’ll be wiping down surfaces and cleaning the store more often than previously
  • Sanitiser Station – as you come in there will be a sanitiser station, please make use of it

What about in store gaming?

Until further notice there will be no in store gaming, while social distancing is in place it’s difficult to imagine gaming in store coming back for the foreseeable future…. Obviously, we’ll keep an eye on guidance and see what other local stores are doing and base our plans on that.

Can I come in to hang out or to browse singles?

Unfortunately not, while we’d love to see all of you due to maximum occupancy limits and our endeavour to keep everyone safe we can’t have people just coming in to hang, ideally a visit to the store shouldn’t be any more than 20 minutes.

In relation to singles, they’ll be available but you won’t be able to sit/stand and browse the folders/boxes, if you’re after any singles please send us a message with what you’re after and we’ll dig them out.

The store seating area has also been placed out of bounds.

What about when the store isn’t open?

If we’re not open (and tbh even if we are) the best plan is to shop using the store website – most of the stock is now on there and we’re adding more all the time. We have in store pick up, local delivery and postage options.

Fun Fact!

If you’d been a subscriber to our newsletter we’d have sent you a 5% discount code, to sign up to our newsletter click here:

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Model of the Month, Model of the Year, and Modeller of the Year

What is Model of the Month (MotM)?

MotM is Langden Games monthly model painting competition, to enter you need to bring in your model by 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month, it’ll then be voted on by visitors to the shop. The winner is whoever gets the most votes. That person will get a Model of the Month certificate and will be in with a chance of winning Model of the Year!

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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Round up of 2018-19 and looking forward to 2019-20

The keen eyed among you will be wondering why I’m publishing this in October, well, it’s due to us recently having started our new financial year (our year runs 1st September to 31st August). Anyway, on to more interesting things!

Looking Back…

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been a customer of the store over the last year, thanks to your support we continue to grow and develop.

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Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

Recently a few members of the community were talking about doing a ‘Tale of Gamers’, and we loved the idea so decided to get involved (it also means I may end up with a full painted army! – Matt).

For those that don’t know a Tale of Gamers is where a group get together and all build and paint a new army over a few months – that’s exactly what we plan to do!

Our Tale of Gamers will commence on October 1st 2018 and will run for 6 months. Continue reading Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

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Send us your Submissions!

Daphne Dukes, roving reporter

We’re looking to expand our website with a selection of modelling and gaming articles from the Langden Games team.

However, we are also keen to get more involvement from the wider community, that’s where you come in… fancy writing an article on painting? Reviewing a game? or coming up with a custom scenario? If the answer is yes, then get in touch!

Send Daphne, our very own roving reporter, an email with your submission and any related pictures and we’ll add it to the website on your behalf (crediting you as author of course).

Send your submissions to: