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The Return of Click & Collect! (And A General Shop Update)

As the UK Government has shared its roadmap out of lockdown, we’ve also looked at what we’re doing as a store.

Our approach can be summed up in one word: Cautious.

The first step on our own path to ‘getting things back to normal’ is to reinstate Click & Collect, this will take place from this weekend and you’ll be able to collect any orders between 10am-2pm on a Saturday and by request on a Sunday.

As a reminder here is the click and collect process:

  • Make your online order
  • Once you receive an Order Complete email it’s ready to collect
  • Come to the shop, our contact number in on the glass door
  • Do not come inside
  • Give us a call and we’ll run your order down to you
  • Again, do not come inside.
  • Enjoy your purchase!

In terms of looking further ahead we’ve got a plan but it is very much a case of playing it by ear at the moment – with the schools going back on Monday there is a real chance the infection rate will spike and that may push things back so it’s very much a wait and see.

The Road to Reopening

Mid April is the current date that non essential retail can reopen, based on our cautious approach we’re going to start with reduced hours, most likely weekends only, this will then build up as things ease and we get a gauge for demand.

The plan is fully reopen but we will not rush into things as I don’t want to put myself (being at the back of the Vaccine queue), the team, or our customers at risk.

Instore Gaming…

This is the big one, and to be honest the one I’m most fearful of.

As it stands any instore event before mid May would simply be illegal, there is also the issue of social distancing, lack of space and making people feel comfortable. As such in store gaming will be the last part of the store to come back and as it stands, I can’t see this happening before June at the earliest (while WotC have in store play suspended we won’t be doing it at all).

Once in store play is a thing, we’ll bring it back gradually, what we can’t have is 50 people turning up to the first event we do so there will most likely be a requirement to book in advance to ensure you get a spot, we will most likely also be running at a reduced capacity when things initially come back.

Thank You

Thank you to all those who have supported us over the last year! It’s been an interesting and frankly emotional time! But we’re still here and that’s the key!

As always,

Stay safe.
Look after each other.
Wear a mask,
We love you.

Matt x

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