Store Rules

  1. Everyone is welcome.
  2. Tidy up after yourself.
  3. Respect the play space, leave it as you would like to find it. Do not pile up terrain when moving it, it breaks!
  4. If something gets broken please let a member of the team know so we can repair it
  5. Don’t lean back on chairs (keep them on 4 legs otherwise they’ll get broken!).
  6. Keep it clean, physically, and verbally.
  7. Follow event, game, and store rules.
  8. We are a WPN store, as such only official cards can be used in store events or casual play.
  9. Offensive imagery, including scandalous, hateful, or demeaning content is not allowed.
  10. Any problems please speak to a member of the team.
  11. Keep it friendly, respectful, and FUN!

Wargames Table Rules

  1. Don’t rest your feet on the tables or the chairs. The stools have footrests that can be used. If you damage a table, we will give you a bill for it.
  2. Respect the terrain, if it gets damaged, please let a team member know so that it can be repaired. Do not pile up terrain if you’re not using it!
  3. If you get other terrain or move things, please put it back once you’ve finished.
  4. Make sure you book a table in advance so that we can ensure there is space for you!

We’ve got Free Wi-Fi!

SSID: Langden Games 2.4Hz or Langden Games 5Hz

Password: OptimusPrime