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Matt’s Annual Ramble

Ho, ho, etc., and let me welcome you back to reality after the hopefully satisfactory completion of your respective annual rituals. Personally, I consumed roughly my weight in chocolate and crashed like a hypothetical bl…

Ah well I can’t finish that quote, trying to be family friendly and all that! However, the first person who guesses where it’s from will get a £10 discount on the Langden website – the code is where the quote is from all lower case with no spaces…

Anyway, it’s the beginning of January and as we say a fond (is that the right word? Nah, I’ll stick with it) farewell to 2023 I wanted to take some time to ponder upon the year that was and the year that will be!

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Running Our First ‘Big’ 40K Event – Food For Thought…

Last Saturday (4th November) we ran our first 22 person 40K event, this was a great achievement for the store as our previous events had been capped at 12 people.

The larger event meant more players and the potential for things to go wrong, but we’re happy to say the event was a great success and we’re keen to run more in the future!

The guys at Black Crow Gaming did a YouTube review of the event, we think it went really well and are overall were really happy with the day.

So, what was the main feedback from the event?

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Matt’s Annual Ramble…

Happy New Year all!

I confess, time seems to have lost all meaning over the last few years (thanks Covid!) and as such this ramble is a little later than planned. But anyway, let’s get rambling!

Looking Back at 2022!

Obligitory thumbs up photo is obligitory

2022 was the first full year we’ve had in our new premises. To say we were apprehensive about moving would be the most understated statement that had ever been understated! But after what is now 14 months in our new location we’re looking forward to the future!

As it stands today the move was definitely the right choice! We’ve seen loads of new customers, have a proper street presence, and have much more space! Admittedly at heart I’m still nervous about the move, especially with the looming spectre of recession on the horizon and the cost of living crisis that is having an impact on everyone. However these are things that are outside on my control, and all we can do is focus on the store and what were doing and hope that with continued customer support we’ll keep going from strength to strength!

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The New Store – Six Months In!

Time flies or, more accurately, since the pandemic hit doesn’t really have a meaning anymore! But that being said it’s still crazy to us that we’ve now been in the new store for six months!

The (not so) new store

What a six months it’s been! In the grander scheme of things, it’s still early days but moving definitely feels like the right decision so far! (Although with everything that’s happening in the world the preceding statement could quickly change).

Moving has seen us see much higher levels of footfall and has also given us much more space to allow events to be more easily hosted.

That being said…

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The Revised Event Schedule!

Following our move at the end of last year we’ve finally had time to review our event schedule!

Here is the current plan from now until the end of March!

Monday: The shop won’t be open, but we’ll be playing D&D in store from 6pm – 10pm! If you want to play to be a DM let us know and we can get some groups arranged! All groups will begin with a Session Zero to make sure everyone is comfortable!

Tuesday: Tuesday is Pokemon and Age of Sigmar! We’ll have AoS casual play from 6pm. Our Pokemon event will start at 7.30pm with casual games from 6pm.

Wednesday: Wednesday will be our main wargames night which kicks off from 6pm! We’ll also be hosting Flesh & Blood and Digimon Events, both will start at 7.30pm.

Thursday: Thursday nights is our Super Cazh Boardgames Night, we’ll also be running alternating Legacy and Pauper MTG events. Casual gaming kicks off from 6pm, with our tournaments starting at 7.30pm.

Friday: Friday is FNM! The format will rotate between Standard, Pioneer, and Modern, Casual gaming from 6pm with the tournaments starting at 7.30. Commander players, there’ll be space for pods as well!

Saturday: We’ll be running weekly Saturday Showdown Events, like FNM these will rotate between Standard, Pioneer, and Modern. The first Saturday of the month will see these events be replaced with larger prize pool events, these will rotate between Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy!

Saturdays will also see us looking to run other things like painting lessons, our monthly painting event, and small wargames tournaments!

Sunday: It’s casual Commander Day! We’ll also be running weekly Sunday Showdown Events, like FNM these will rotate between Standard, Pioneer, and Modern. In the afternoon we’ll be running a weekly draft or sealed event. The first Sunday of the month will be sealed, the last Sunday on the month will be Cube Draft, the other Sundays will be normal drafts of a random set. In addition, we’ll also be running D&D on a Sunday evening giving people 2 opportunities to play!

We’ll review the events at the end of March. If any aren’t working, we’ll review and looked at changing things up if needed! The schedule will kick in fully once the Kamigawa Pre Release has taken place.

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Looking to the Future…

It’s exciting times here at Langden Games!

As you can image the last 19 months have been challenging thanks to Covid-19, but we survived! (Thank you so much to all those who placed orders during the forced lockdown closures)

Now that Covid-19 is hopefully under control (fingers crossed) we have the option to hopefully move the shop!

This is highly exciting and equally scary! Over the last 7 years (time flies!) the shop has evolved from a small club to a fully fledged LGS that caters for a wide cross section of gamers, as such we’ve outgrown our space! (I might be guilty of buying too much stock!)

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Vallejo Liquid Silver and Gold (plus a Tinfoil Mirror)

A while back we ordered in some Vallejo Liquid Silver and Liquid Gold, what we didn’t realise at the time was these were no normal paints and required things like alcohol to thin, as such we’ve not had a proper look at them – until now…

Unlike acrylic paints the pigments hold together better lessening the chance of unsightly brush strokes on the model.
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We Are Reopening! – See You Soon!

Well… 2021 seems to be continuing 2020’s tradition of being a bit rubbish! So far in 2021 we’ve not been able to welcome customers into the store, but from Saturday 17th that all changes as well be opening again!! (Woohoo!!)

While we get a feel for things we’ll only be opening at weekends and will be doing slightly reduced hours, but on the plus side it does mean you can come in and browse from 10am to 4pm on a Saturday or Sunday (you might have to be patient with us on the 17th while we try to remember how the till works, and generally how to be around people…)

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The Return of Click & Collect! (And A General Shop Update)

As the UK Government has shared its roadmap out of lockdown, we’ve also looked at what we’re doing as a store.

Our approach can be summed up in one word: Cautious.

The first step on our own path to ‘getting things back to normal’ is to reinstate Click & Collect, this will take place from this weekend and you’ll be able to collect any orders between 10am-2pm on a Saturday and by request on a Sunday.

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Lockdown 2 – Electric Boogaloo: The Langden Games Update!

It’s November 3rd and barring a massive revolt in the Commons, we’ll be back in lockdown again from Thursday! Fun!!

The one (and only) positive about Lockdown 2 – Back in the Habit, is that it’s the second one! Strange as it sounds, we’ve been through this before, so we have experience of how to operate. As a result the shop may be closed but we can still meet your hobby needs.

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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Birthday in Interesting Times…

‘May you live in interesting times…’, I now fully understand why this is seen as a curse! I know that I, for one, would like the much simpler times where global pandemics were movie plots and social distancing was an unused phrase, but as you all know 2020 had other ideas!

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The Road to Reopening

The government recently announced that non-essential retail can reopen from 15th June 2020 (yay!), so that raises the question “when will the store reopen?”.

The answer is not the 15th, our plan is to reopen with reduced hours from Saturday 20th June.

Below is a list of questions about our plans around reopening:

What will the store hours be?

We plan to initially open on Saturdays and Sundays only from 10am to 4pm starting from 20th June, we’ll review this on a regular basis starting from July.

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Model of the Month, Model of the Year, and Modeller of the Year

What is Model of the Month (MotM)?

MotM is Langden Games monthly model painting competition, to enter you need to bring in your model by 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month, it’ll then be voted on by visitors to the shop. The winner is whoever gets the most votes. That person will get a Model of the Month certificate and will be in with a chance of winning Model of the Year!

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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Round up of 2018-19 and looking forward to 2019-20

The keen eyed among you will be wondering why I’m publishing this in October, well, it’s due to us recently having started our new financial year (our year runs 1st September to 31st August). Anyway, on to more interesting things!

Looking Back…

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been a customer of the store over the last year, thanks to your support we continue to grow and develop.

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Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

Recently a few members of the community were talking about doing a ‘Tale of Gamers’, and we loved the idea so decided to get involved (it also means I may end up with a full painted army! – Matt).

For those that don’t know a Tale of Gamers is where a group get together and all build and paint a new army over a few months – that’s exactly what we plan to do!

Our Tale of Gamers will commence on October 1st 2018 and will run for 6 months. Continue reading Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

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Send us your Submissions!

Daphne Dukes, roving reporter

We’re looking to expand our website with a selection of modelling and gaming articles from the Langden Games team.

However, we are also keen to get more involvement from the wider community, that’s where you come in… fancy writing an article on painting? Reviewing a game? or coming up with a custom scenario? If the answer is yes, then get in touch!

Send Daphne, our very own roving reporter, an email with your submission and any related pictures and we’ll add it to the website on your behalf (crediting you as author of course).

Send your submissions to: