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Model of the Month, Model of the Year, and Modeller of the Year

What is Model of the Month (MotM)?

MotM is Langden Games monthly model painting competition, to enter you need to bring in your model by 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month, it’ll then be voted on by visitors to the shop. The winner is whoever gets the most votes. That person will get a Model of the Month certificate and will be in with a chance of winning Model of the Year!

The Rules:

  • Your model must be with us by 12 noon on the last Saturday of the month.
  • Anyone can take part
  • You must have painted the model yourself
  • It must have been painted within the last 3 months
  • A model can only be entered once
  • Max of one entry per person per month
  • Although its called Model of the Month units are also allowed, as a rule of thumb the maximum number of models within your entry should be 10, if an entry consists of more than one model it should be a unit or recognised group (i.e. a full crew for the Batman Miniature Game, squad for 40K, infantry stand for Moral Gods, etc)

How to Vote:

  • Voting opens at 12 noon on the last Saturday of the month and is open for 1 week
  • We will number the individual models and provide numbered tokens or voting slips, these are then put in our vote collector
  • People may only vote once
  • You cannot vote for your own model
  • In the event that there is a tie, Matt and Richard will pick the winner

Model of the Year:

As mentioned above, the 12 monthly winners will be put forward for a chance of winning model of the year. This will have the same voting process and will take place in early January 2021. There will be a prize and trophy for the winner.

Modeller of the Year:

We wanted to reward people for taking part in the event and producing new models each month. For this we’ve created Modeller of Year.

If you enter a model for Model of the Month Matt and Richard will give each one a score, to give a combined score out of 10.

These points will mount up over the course of the year and whoever has the highest number of points at the end of the year will be declared the winner. Simples 😊


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January 2020, Model of the Month entries
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