TCG Event Prize Structure

‘Elfie’ playing Magic

One of the recurring items of feedback we’ve had is people being confused over the prize structure for events, so to combat this we’ve developed a structure based on player numbers.

We do 3 types of events at the shop:

  • Booster per win (which is self explanatory)
  • Win a Box
  • Packs in the prize pool (3 or 5)

The reason we go for a variable prize structure as opposed to a fixed one is to ensure that players get the most out of events while at the same time ensuring that the shop covers its costs. As with all things nothing is perfect, effectively what we’ve done is gone for a results based structure this means that tie breakers which cause most of the results to be determined are not used in the most part (5th to 8th place will ‘usually’ have the same result and then be ranked on tie breakers, in our model they’ll all get get the same prize).

Win a box prizes will vary by game (based on Box Size), below are some examples of prize support for Magic The Gathering events using Set Booster Boxes (30 Packs per box)

In order to make sure that the prize structure is fit for purpose we regularly review it, and any feedback to support us in doing this is greatly appreciated.