Casual Gaming

At Langden Games we have a dedicated gaming space that is free to use while we are open. The tables are popular so if you want to ensure they are available please give us a call or ping us a message to check availability, we’d hate for you to come in for a game and for there to be no space available (especially if we are running an event).

Basically please book a space in advance 🙂

Here are the facilities we have available:

Wargames Tables

We currently have six 6x4ft gaming tables, these are ideal for games such as 40K, Bolt Action, Age of Sigmar, and Star Wars Legion.

We have a selection of scenery available. Below are some example table layouts.

Multiuse Tables

We have 9 multiuse tables, these are perfect for board games, D&D or casual card games such as Magic the Gathering.

Each table has space for 4 people, and we can combine tables to makes tables of 8.

Multiuse Tables


If you’re planning on staying in store for a while, we sell a variety of snacks and drinks. If you want to bring in your own food or event order a takeaway to be delivered that’s fine as well. All we ask is that you don’t make a mess and tidy up after yourself.


We have a unisex disabled accessible toilet in store.