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Vallejo Liquid Silver and Gold (plus a Tinfoil Mirror)

A while back we ordered in some Vallejo Liquid Silver and Liquid Gold, what we didn’t realise at the time was these were no normal paints and required things like alcohol to thin, as such we’ve not had a proper look at them – until now…

Unlike acrylic paints the pigments hold together better lessening the chance of unsightly brush strokes on the model.

Our chosen test model was Glaurio ven Alten lll from the Cursed City boxed set as he had a good amount of silver and gold adorning his outfit, here’s how we go on and some pointers for using the paints yourselves.

The Golden Rule: These are not normal paints, they have a high metal content and do not like water, as such do not use water to thin these paints or clean your brushes. Rust will form in your paint pot and on the model. You’ll need alcohol instead.

How to Use

Shake the pot well (see the example photo below forcorrectly mixed paint. Basically – Shake it, shake it again, stir it, then shake it again for good measure.

The consistency of the paint ready to use .
our the required amount on to a dish or pallet thin with alcohol .

Do not use paint directly from the pot the fumes are strong, pour a little on to a pallet. (Not a wet pallet). To thin add a couple of drops of Isopropyl Alcohol (the higher % of alcohol the better). This is also used to clean your brush after.

As with any new technique, do a test model first!

The Verdict

Took a bit of research on howe to use correctly but having done that we enjoyed working with these paints and will be using them for all our weapons and armour in the future! Take a look though the photos the shine on the amour is striking.

The gold shines on the end of the scabard. Acrylic gold needs alot of shading and a brown undercoat to make it pop not the case here this is one coat . The armour looks polished and shines away with no varnish added .

Bonus: A Tinfoil Mirror!

We thought it would be fun if our hero actually had a working mirror for his vampire encounters.

So to achive this kitchen foil was bent to the shape of the mirror, using the rounded end of a paint brush. The foil was then removed and the indented shape in the foil cut out.

The finished mirror loks great, it’s a trick Rich uses on his WW2 vehicle dioramas.

The finished model is below

Glaurio completed with the liquid metals . The luster of the metallic paints is spectacular.
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The ‘Good Riddance to 2020’ Ramble…

You’re probably (hopefully) familiar with a Matt ramble by now – basically I dump all the thoughts in my brain onto our website and hope they make sense and that people actually read them…

2020… well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said! (or that doesn’t involve screaming and lots of swearing).

Looking Back…

In short 2020 was a train wreck, although that’s probably insulting to trains if I’m honest (this line, or at least the inspiration for it, comes from “Death to 2020”, it’s on Netflix, go watch it!)

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Lockdown 2 – Electric Boogaloo: The Langden Games Update!

It’s November 3rd and barring a massive revolt in the Commons, we’ll be back in lockdown again from Thursday! Fun!!

The one (and only) positive about Lockdown 2 – Back in the Habit, is that it’s the second one! Strange as it sounds, we’ve been through this before, so we have experience of how to operate. As a result the shop may be closed but we can still meet your hobby needs.

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Set Boosters – My Thoughts….

Now that I’ve actually opened some Zendikar Rising product, I wanted to give my thoughts on the newest type of Booster, the Set Booster!

What is a Set Booster?

In short it’s a new type of product that lets WOTC have a bit more freedom, in a draft booster there is a need for there to be set amounts of Commons and Uncommons and a good colour spread, the same is not true of a set booster!

They have 12 cards (14 with the token and art card included) in a booster and come in boxes of 30 rather than 36, they are also slightly more expensive than draft boosters, all seeming like negatives so far, but don’t worry there are positives!

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Langden Games September 2020 Painting Competition

Here are the results of our September 2020 painting competition. We had hoped to run monthly events however Covid-19 has really got in the way of that, however we did manage to get an event successfully run in September!

Standards in this single model competition have been very high and judging was made incredibly difficult by these fabulous models.

Any of these models could have easily been crowned the winner as each was beautifully done.

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Matt’s Annual Ramble – A Birthday in Interesting Times…

‘May you live in interesting times…’, I now fully understand why this is seen as a curse! I know that I, for one, would like the much simpler times where global pandemics were movie plots and social distancing was an unused phrase, but as you all know 2020 had other ideas!

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Model of the Month, Model of the Year, and Modeller of the Year

What is Model of the Month (MotM)?

MotM is Langden Games monthly model painting competition, to enter you need to bring in your model by 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month, it’ll then be voted on by visitors to the shop. The winner is whoever gets the most votes. That person will get a Model of the Month certificate and will be in with a chance of winning Model of the Year!

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Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

Recently a few members of the community were talking about doing a ‘Tale of Gamers’, and we loved the idea so decided to get involved (it also means I may end up with a full painted army! – Matt).

For those that don’t know a Tale of Gamers is where a group get together and all build and paint a new army over a few months – that’s exactly what we plan to do!

Our Tale of Gamers will commence on October 1st 2018 and will run for 6 months. Continue reading Join us for ‘A Tale of Gamers’

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Send us your Submissions!

Daphne Dukes, roving reporter

We’re looking to expand our website with a selection of modelling and gaming articles from the Langden Games team.

However, we are also keen to get more involvement from the wider community, that’s where you come in… fancy writing an article on painting? Reviewing a game? or coming up with a custom scenario? If the answer is yes, then get in touch!

Send Daphne, our very own roving reporter, an email with your submission and any related pictures and we’ll add it to the website on your behalf (crediting you as author of course).

Send your submissions to: