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Model of the Month – January 2022

Today saw the first of our new season of Model of the Month for 2022 kick off! We were really happy to receive 9 entries!

There was no set theme for this month so, in other words, it was ‘Super Cazh’!

The 9 entries were:

  • Space Marine Primaris Apothecary – Warhammer 40,000
  • Ork Wurrboy – Warhammer 40,000
  • Ork Megatrakk Scrapjet  – Warhammer 40,000
  • Théoden, King of Rohan – Lord of the Rings
  • Genestealer Bust – Relic Board Game
  • Skink Priest – Age of Sigmar
  • Horus Lupercal – Horus Heresy
  • Space Marine Primaris Lieutenant – Warhammer 40,000
  • Orruk Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth – Age of Sigmar
The January Entries

All the entries were fantastic! Picking a winner from the entries was really difficult! So much so I initially wanted to make the result a 3 way tie!

However, after being told that wasn’t an option, I had to make a choice…

The top 3 I’d narrowed it down to were the Ork Wurrboy, Skink Priest, and Primaris Apothecary.

Ork Wurrboy

A beautiful and distinctive paint job. Chris has his own very distinct style. The model combined with the base detail really pops, I also really liked the variation between the blue lit front of the model and the usual Ork colour scheme. The strong use of bright colours really works!

Skink Priest

A simple palette combined with great use of NNM (Non Metallic Metals). The subtle colour blends Daniel used makes for a stunning model. The red to orange blend resonates really well against the blue flesh and is complimented by the use of NMM and blending on the staff.

Primaris Apothecary

There is no denying painting a clean looking white takes skill, and James has clearly demonstrated this on this figure. James has used a limited colour palette to create a beautiful model. The subtle use of NMM and understated blending mixed with light weathering really work well together.

As you can see all of the ‘top 3’ are stunning models and making a choice was really difficult. Any of these would have been worth winners. In the end I chose for the Skink Priest by the closest of margins.

Matt’s Honourable Mention

The facial detail on Horus deserves a special mention, the level of detail and attention paid to this was really incredible.

Model of the Month moving forwards!

Having successfully completed our first event we’ll be doing monthly themes going forward. Each theme will be announced on the 1st of each month, and entries will need to be with us by the last Saturday of the month.

All the events will be free, with the winner getting a £5 voucher from us. Themes will range from Characters to vehicles and some months we might ask for a specific model to be painted.

We’ll also keep a track of models that have been entered each month and at the end of the year we’ll look to declare a model of the year!

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