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Langden Games September 2020 Painting Competition

Here are the results of our September 2020 painting competition. We had hoped to run monthly events however Covid-19 has really got in the way of that, however we did manage to get an event successfully run in September!

Standards in this single model competition have been very high and judging was made incredibly difficult by these fabulous models.

Any of these models could have easily been crowned the winner as each was beautifully done.

James Salisbury took first place with his clean subtle highlights on his Sister of Battle miniature, Ephrael Stern.

Patrick Hamilton entered Ghazghkull with super armour highlights, on his carefully chosen paint scheme.

Harry Joseph entered a Ravenwing biker with extra highlights around the lights giving a glow effect.

Chris Smith’s airbrush work on his Death Company Dreadnought is superbly done.

Please do take the time to look over the photos below as, these four modellers are very talented and have produced some stunning work.

Many thanks to all who entered. James will receive a £20 Langden Games voucher, and Chris, Harry and Patrick will all receive a £10 voucher, these can be collected from store.

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