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Set Boosters – My Thoughts….

Now that I’ve actually opened some Zendikar Rising product, I wanted to give my thoughts on the newest type of Booster, the Set Booster!

What is a Set Booster?

In short it’s a new type of product that lets WOTC have a bit more freedom, in a draft booster there is a need for there to be set amounts of Commons and Uncommons and a good colour spread, the same is not true of a set booster!

They have 12 cards (14 with the token and art card included) in a booster and come in boxes of 30 rather than 36, they are also slightly more expensive than draft boosters, all seeming like negatives so far, but don’t worry there are positives!

The positives are that it is possible to get 4 Rares in a pack, there is a guaranteed foil, and there is the possibility to get cards from ‘The List’.

I’m probably not doing the best job of explaining it, here is a link to MaRo’s article that gives a far better description of what and why they are!

The Opening Experience…

Being more of a casual player these felt really good to open. I pulled 43 Rares from the 30 packs so just shy of 1.5 per pack which felt nice. I also managed to get a couple of ‘The List’ cards (including a Wrenn & Six) so these are a great way to build collections, potentially get access to expensive cards (looking at you again Wrenn & Six), and at worst generate trade value to get other cards that you need.

The boxes also come with box toppers (I’m a big fan of these!), so that also adds to the excitement of the box, and to be honest, opening a Cavern of Souls (like I did) always feels good.

The linked cards in a pack are also a nice addition, however this can lead to boxes with a number of multiples so I’m still on two minds as to whether I like it or not. I think I’m leaning toward yes though.

Value for Money…

The box cost me £105, and the Cavern of Souls and Wrenn & Six would have cost more than that to buy as singles so that’s was a definite plus in the value column (it also makes a nice change for me to open ‘good’ cards in a box).

So, based on this one box I’d say definitely value for money, even a bad box should break even in singles value, especially with the box toppers taken into account.

For me, I’d say the number of decent Rares also made it feel worthwhile as when things return to nearer normality (if that’s still a thing) it’ll give me loads of trade cards that I can use to get cards I want (read: need) for decks.

Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box

My Opinion…

For me, a big thumbs up. I’m a casual player at heart and this was a good opening experience.

Going Forwards…

If we see Set Boosters for all sets going forward (and I expect we will for all main releases) then this may put a strain on smaller shops as to what they should focus on stocking, I also wonder if The List will be updated with each release/year/rotation as this could see a flood of some cards.

I think the Set Booster is a good thing but, on the downside, it is more product overload, sometimes less really is more.

Anyway, that is enough of my rambling.

If f you’d like to try a Set Booster they can be picked up in store* or via our website*.

*Available while stocks last

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