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Looking to the Future…

It’s exciting times here at Langden Games!

As you can image the last 19 months have been challenging thanks to Covid-19, but we survived! (Thank you so much to all those who placed orders during the forced lockdown closures)

Now that Covid-19 is hopefully under control (fingers crossed) we have the option to hopefully move the shop!

This is highly exciting and equally scary! Over the last 7 years (time flies!) the shop has evolved from a small club to a fully fledged LGS that caters for a wide cross section of gamers, as such we’ve outgrown our space! (I might be guilty of buying too much stock!)

Our aim now is to relocate, our planned destination is what is the former Cash Exchange (12 Tacket Street – yep, it’s a huge distance!)

While we finalise things with the potential move, we wanted to reach out to our customer base for support!

There are 3 areas we need support with:

  • New Store Set Up
  • Physically Moving
  • Cashflow

New Store Set Up – the shop itself is in good condition, what we need support with is the installation of slat walling (we love slat wall), if anyone knows of anyone who can assist us then we’d love to hear from you!

Physically Moving – you know all that stock we mentioned, we need to move it, any help in doing this would be highly appreciated!

Cashflow – this is the big one! We can afford to move, however, things like new carpets, rent deposits, tables & chairs, signage, etc will grain our cash reserves (not ideal!), as such we’re asking if any of our customers would be willing to purchase store credit, this would aid our cashflow and allow for a smoother move!

Obviously, this is totally optional for people, but any support would be really appreciated! As a thank you for support, if we can raise £10K or more then we will enhance the amount of store credit that people purchase. Yes, reading it £10K might sound like a massive amount of money but to give it context if 20 people purchased £500 of store credit we’d hit our goal! If we reach the target, we’d increase the amount of store credit people purchased by 10%.

I confess, I’m excited about the potential of moving, we’d have more space, we can have permanent wargames tables and will have the option to host larger TCG events, we’ll also have the possibility to host multiple events at the same time.

We’d also have more shop space which will allow us to have a greater range of stock available.

The real bonus is that we’d also have a shop front and shop window! (Much excite!!)

If you have any questions about our hopeful move, want to offer support or just want to find out more please feel free to get in touch me directly either via FB Messenger or on my mobile (07733 324830) or contact us via the FB page!

Stay tuned for more updates! If you’d like to grab some store credit, please click here.

As always

Stay Safe
Get Vacinated
We Love You!

Matt x

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