The Deck of Many Things: Dungeons & Dragons

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Estimated Release Date: 26 January 2024

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Concoct perfect chaos with the Deck of Many Things, a renowned magic item with effects as spectacular as they are unpredictable. Within this box set, you’ll find The Book of Many Things, which illuminates the deck’s mysteries and provides everything Dungeon Masters need to transform their campaigns. This book includes advice, adventure locations, and new monsters for Dungeon Masters, as well as character options, magic items, and organizations for players, all inspired by the deck. In addition to the 22 cards in the original Deck of Many Things, discover 44 startling – but delightful – new cards that only add to the randomness, and an accompanying guidebook that shows how each card is used. With every new card you draw, be delighted by inspiration you never knew you were missing.


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