The League of Fatties

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In the 2080s speed and volume eating, ‘scoffing’, became a competitive sport and extreme obesity became the desired body image for many Mega-City citizens.

In retaliation to the percieved injustice of the food restrictions following the Apocalypse War, militant elements of the obese founded the ‘League of Fatties’ believing they had an inalienable right to food, which they would take by any means necessary.

Whilst an individual Fattie might seem a less than threatening figure, the first food raids saw massed wedges of obese activists trundling forward supported by their BeliWheels®. With their layers of flab providing a natural armour against anything but the most lethal weapons, little could stop them once momentum was gained.

Large numbers of ‘Skinnies’ and ‘Bones’ were crushed in the stampedes and from belly flops but, after the death of several Judges trying to protect a food storage facility, a crackdown was swift. Most Fatties were confined to special F

1 review for The League of Fatties

  1. Anthony Archer (verified owner)

    The infamous Fatties are really nicely sculpted and didn’t need to much tidying up for glueing. The details are clear and they make a really entertaining addition to the Dredd game. Beware the squeek of their belly wheels.

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